Using Your Fear

I had my first big girl interview this past week and it felt good!  I left the interview feeling confident in how I responded to questions, I loved the lesson I taught, and I wore a great outfit. 😉  They told me that I would hear back on Friday or Monday, and since I didn’t hear on Friday I have suffered through the weekend.  I very much want this job opportunity to work out, but I am trying to prepare myself for if it doesn’t.  Even if it ends up not being the job for me, I feel much more prepared for future interviews now that I have the first one of my plate.  I was so nervous before my interview.  I knew I needed to teach still, so I focused that energy into my lessons and they went great!  My social studies class that morning was stellar because I was so awake.  It was a great lesson about redirecting my fear and excitement into something positive.

Writing my lesson plans for this week was a breeze.  At this point, I am only teaching my WIN group, math, and writing.  This past week I used my free blocks to observe in the Title classroom and this upcoming week I will be shadowing our behavior specialist.  It is nice to have the opportunity to learn outside of my normal areas.  I know these extra opportunities will benefit me a lot in the future.

I am really scared to go to school tomorrow.  I will be so excited if I get the job, and I am worried it might be awkward if I don’t.  Please continue to send good thoughts my way especially in the next 24 hours!


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