Is it summer yet?

We are now at 15 days with 80% cloud cover and it’s killing my classroom.  Students are antsy enough in general, but it gets even worse with every day of indoor recess you have to add in.  I think everybody in the Des Moines area is hoping we have some sunshine soon, but especially the teachers.

So far this week, I have done an extremely useful reflective piece, had my last supervisor visit before my final evaluation, and have started handing subjects back over to my mentoring teacher.  This is all very exciting because it shows how close I am to the end of this journey.

The reflective piece I did was an analysis of a video of myself.  I don’t remember if I talked about this in a previous post or not, but I had a tiny robot follow me around and record one of my lessons.  As I watched the video, I was coached through analyzing myself and the way my students respond to my teaching.  I’ve talked before about how difficult reflection is for us as humans, but it is even more difficult when you are literally watching your every move and hearing your actual voice.  Although it was uncomfortable, this was a good experience for me and it helped me to recognize numerous ways I can improve my teaching.

My supervisor was here on Monday to observe a whole group reading lesson, and we decided it would probably be her last visit until my final evaluation.  Now that I am weaning off of full time teaching, there are not as many things for her to see.  Both my supervisor and mentor have been extremely helpful in my growth during student teaching, so it is nice to hear their positive feedback.

Tomorrow I have my first interview and I am extremely nervous.  Please send good thoughts my way as I take my first real step into the adult world!


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