Sorry, I’m Late

Hello, friends! I know I was not super on top of posting last week. With my mentor gone, I was focused on keeping our classroom running.  I have a lot to post about though, so the time gap paid off.

On Thursday, I will have an interview with Carlisle.  There is a fourth grade opening at my building, and I was lucky enough to be selected to interview for it.  Of course, I am very much hoping it works out because I love my school, but am also working on being understanding and not too hard on myself if it doesn’t.  Even if the job doesn’t pan out, I am trying to remember how amazing of an opportunity for interview practice I am being presented with.  With graduation about three weeks away, I am desperately hoping to find a job.  Jobs wills continue to be posted throughout the summer, so I am a least a little reassured knowing I have some time.

As mentioned, my mentor has been gone.  She was on vacation for a wedding Thursday, Friday, and the first part of Monday.  It might sound a little bad, but I enjoy it when my mentor is gone.  It is the one time where I truly feel as though the classroom is mine.  Even though there is still a sub, they don’t know everything I do about our procedure, about what certain students need, etc.  I feel important.

During this time, my students who struggle with behavior management acted out a little. Once was when I was alone, once when my supervisor was there, and once when the principal was observing.  As stressful as it is when these situations are occurring, I keep reminding myself of how to use it as a learning opportunity.  Even though it sucks when it is happening, I will be glad to have had the practice dealing with difficult situations when I still have some backup.

Anyways, I hope Monday wasn’t too hard on you.  Enjoy your week and try to stay dry.  This gloomy weather needs to hustle up and move out of here!


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