How long have I been here?

The first half of this week was not the best.  The gloomy weather is getting to me and I let myself throw a personal pity party for a few days.  I am hoping we get some sunshine soon, but I will say my students do a good job with being my personal sunshine.  I was having a horrible day, and they still found numerous ways to make me laugh and bring me joy.

The highlights of this week were my first tornado drill as a teacher and meeting with a first year teacher to gain some insight into that transition.  The tornado drill was nuts.  I am a calm person, 5th graders are not.  My class, along with 4 other classes was crammed into an old locker room.  It was hot and noisy, and the appearance of a spider caused mass chaos.  It was good practice though, since I will have to do all of that with my class next year.

One of the 4th grade teachers in my building is a first year teacher, so her and I talked and she gave me a look into my near future.  It was really nice to talk with someone who is living everything right now, that I will be in no time.  She was able to give me good tips on what the real struggles are of being a new teacher, and eased my worries about some things that she said will just come naturally.  She also had great interviewing tips, which should come in handy soon. 🙂

Please continue to keep me in your thoughts as I search for jobs.  I am realizing all too much how many ‘no’s’ you have to hear before a ‘yes’ comes around.  It is hard to stay positive and motivated, when a job is the last real focus I have before graduation.  Keep your ear to the ground for me, and reach out if you hear of any surrounding openings!


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