Back to Reality

It was back to school this week, and holy cow was it a struggle.  Coming back from spring break as a student is difficult, but it is definitely harder for the teachers.  It is amazing how in one week your body goes back to its old ways of sleeping in and staying up way too late.  I was on vacation with my family all week, and we got up early most days, but never at the time I have to for school.  It is also hard to go from a week of just worrying about yourself, back to having 25 people who rely on you for everything.  Including today, I have 27 days of student teaching left and I know that when it ends I will miss those 25 little people very much.

Not too much has happened this first half of the week.  Some lessons I taught this week were over figurative language, the American Revolution, and classifying quadrilaterals.  Although math is one of my least favorite subjects to teach, the students really enjoyed the classifying quadrilaterals lesson.  Everyone understood it and had fun doing the activities for it, and it made it more fun for me to teach since they weren’t all looking at me with a sad, blank stare.

I have submitted numerous job applications now, so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  This is a very difficult time in the public school system.  Last year, Simpson had numerous teachers employed by this point, but this year we have one.  With new changes in Iowa legislation, schools are unsure of how many teachers they can afford to have and how many teachers they are going to lose.  Everyone in my teaching seminar is getting nervous,, but we are all trying to stay hopeful and positive that it will work out fine.  It is a scary thought knowing that everyone I am in the room with for my teaching seminar is trying to get the same job.

Anyways, welcome back to work or back to school.  I hope this first week back isn’t going too bad for you!  Just keep in mind that after spring break, summer sneaks up fast! 🙂


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