Spring Break!

Conferences are nearly over, and spring break is so close I can taste it.  These last two days have been short, with early outs both days, but I know the kids and I are both glad.  I had never really thought about how exhausting conferences are for a teacher.

Even though our conferences are student-led, I still went home and fell into my bed last night.  Tonight will be even worse, since they go until 8:00pm instead of 6:00pm. Conferences last night went really well overall.  Most students were at least semi-successful at leading it on their own, and nobody cried or threw a fit.  It is a much larger group tonight, so that will give me a better idea of how we did on our teaching and practice.  There are a lot of my students that have divorced parents, and that is an interesting dynamic to observe.  Most of them choose to do two separate conferences.  I feel bad for the student because they have to spend 20 minutes repeating exactly what they were saying the last 20 minutes. I get tired listening, so I can only imagine how tired they must get doing the actual work.

I am so, so glad that after these last few days I get a week long break.  I plan to spend most of it catching up on my dearly beloved sleep.  My family and I are going to St. Louis and Memphis, and I am looking forward to spending time with them.  With my brother in college now, I haven’t gotten to spend as much time as a whole family as what we did in the past.  I am a homebody, so spending a week with them is something that will bring me a lot of joy.

Hopefully, you and your child(ren) have something very fun planned for break, even if that is just snuggling up and watching a movie together.  Enjoy the time off work (sorry to those that don’t get any), and tell your kiddos to enjoy their time away from school!



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