Adulting…at least I’m trying to

I had my mock interview with the principal this week and it was fabulous!  I am so lucky to have such amazing administration in my building, and the principal here is the best of the best.  I have done mock interviews at my college before, but none of them are focused on education, so this was far more beneficial.

I was so nervous at the start of the interview.  I really respect my principal’s opinion, and I might want a job here, so I felt a lot of pressure for it to be perfect.  I definitely rambled on with the first few questions, but after I got comfortable I was rocking the interview.  In all honesty, I wish it had been my real one because I don’t know if I could recreate it.

Everyone at my placement is amazing at giving truly helpful feedback.  They help me to see my strengths, and also areas where I can grow.  After the mock interview was done, we talked about his evaluation of my lesson.  He thought it was a good lesson, but was able to help me see small changes that would substantially change the impact, that I would have never thought of.  I feel like every time I talk to my principal, mentor, or supervisor, I am growing a little bit more.  Even this far into the placement, they are still an abundance of knowledge and I am so grateful for them.

The mock interview made me feel much more prepared for a real one, so hopefully those will start happening soon.  The real world is quickly approaching, and it is a somewhat scary feeling.  I feel like an adult, but I still feel like an adult that needs some monitoring. 🙂 With each day of experience I have here, I feel more and more prepared for when I have my own classroom, so hopefully some feelings of preparation for everything else that comes with the end of college will start showing soon.

PS: Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!  Read a book with your child tonight in celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday and Read Across America Day!


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