Free Hugs are the Best Hugs

Thursday and Friday were nice days to end the week.  My students finally finished up Iowa Assessments, which they were overjoyed about, and I finished up my first week of full time teaching.  I think everyone was happy when Friday finally came around.

On Friday, we did Free Hug Friday, which I had not yet experienced.  In the morning, before the buses got there, all the teachers came out with signs that said “Free Hugs” and we waited for the kids to arrive.  As they poured off the bus, they could get a hug from anyone with a sign.  It was something so simple, yet so impactful.  I hugged tons of kids, many of whom I had never talked to before.  They couldn’t care less who you are, they are just excited to spread some love and happiness into the world.  It truly was my favorite morning of student teaching so far.

Looking ahead to this week, I will have my evaluation and mock interview with the principal, which is exciting and scary.  I am very lucky to have such a relaxed principal who makes it seem less intimidating, but I also know it will be extremely informative.  We have no school on Monday, and I am gone on Friday for a training, so this will be a short week for me.

I am looking forward to everything that is yet to come, and reflecting on how wonderful everything that has passed has been.   Please continue to think of me and send good thoughts my way!


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