The Big Time

Starting tomorrow morning, I am going to have one heck of a week.  My principal will be coming to observe me teach on Tuesday, my mentor will be doing my midterm evaluation, and I will be starting the social studies unit I created.  All very exciting, but all just another reminder of how close I am to the real world.

The rest of last week went great.  We finished up WIN groups for author’s perspective, I got all of my planning done for the upcoming week, and I had a personal day because I was sick with a sinus infection.  I am sad to see my WIN group come to an end, but look forward to getting to know the students for my theme group.  Thankfully, I was able to use my personal day to get to the doctor and get some medicine for the infection (hopefully it starts working soon).

A week or so ago, you might remember that my students did a survey about me.  I have been focusing on using their feedback to change my instructional behavior, and have noticed a big difference in myself.  I wasn’t really aware of the areas I was not doing my best in, but now that I am consciously working to improve them, I notice more when I am not doing my best.  Because of this, I am somewhat looking forward to my midterm meeting with my mentor and the feedback from the principal about my lesson.

My midterm meeting means that I am halfway done, and that is crazy.  It is stressful trying to teach and figure out after graduation plans at the same time.  It is nice to have a mentor and supervisor who I can talk to about different things, and who are helpful in planning.  Although I was resistant to have someone looking over every plan, it does remove some stress about teaching it when you know that someone else thinks it looks okay too.

My big focus this week will be my social studies unit over the American Revolution and Native Americans.  Because of rotations, this will be taught to a class I have never worked with, so wish me luck.  I am heading into the upcoming week with excitement and a willingness to better myself.  I hope you approach yours this way as well!



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