One Step Closer

Well, friends…I am less than one week away from full time teaching.  On Monday, my social studies unit about the American Revolution and Native Americans will start and that will be my big push into bell to bell.  That class and math are the only things I have left to add, but thankfully math is co-taught, so I won’t be too on my own with that one.

This has been another great week so far, minus the fact that my allergies are horrendous right now.  I can’t breathe at all.  This week I added in whole group reading time to the list of things I teach.  That makes me currently in charge of whole group, small group, WIN, writing, and transitional times.  We also have an assembly this week, which all the other teachers hate, but I love.  Our assemblies are about growth mindset, and I have learned a lot about this throughout my psychology major.  Our speaker today is Nick Ackerman, a wrestler from Simpson (and my boyfriend’s cousin), who lost his legs as a baby and then became a national wrestling champion.  It is a very inspiring story that will hopefully show students how far believing in yourself can take you.

Next week should be an easy week.  With Iowa assessments, there are two time blocks in the day that I don’t have to make lessons for, so that will be a nice break.  We also don’t have WIN groups the following week for conference preparation, so another little thing off my plate.  I am kind of sad about that one though, because I have come to love my WIN group students and will miss instructing them.

Next week is my midpoint mark for the semester, so I will be doing a midterm review with my Simpson supervisor and my mentoring teacher.  I am also being observed by the principal that week.  It will be a week full of feedback, which  I am dreading, yet also looking forward to.  In my teaching seminar last night, we talked about licensure and got all the forms for it.  It was a wake up call to how close I am to the real world.

Student teaching is amazing and has definitely given me a better idea of what being a teacher will really be like, but I don’t think anything prepares you for the first time you step foot into your own classroom.  Thinking about this being a real part of the near future for me is crazy.

It seems like just yesterday that I was dreading stepping foot into my first college dorm room.  Since then I have lived in four different buildings, had different roommates, and have experienced so many changes.  With how quickly my four years at Simpson have flown by, I know the four months that I will have after graduation before I start at a school somewhere will be gone in the blink of an eye!


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