Valentine’s Day

Happy Friday, friends.  The rest of the week following my Wednesday post has gone by quick.  My students have all been on their best behavior this week in anticipation of our Valentine’s Day party, so that has made the days a little easier.

A few highlights of Thursday and Friday: I am happy to say that I finally have kids moving out of my WIN group, we had an awesome Valentine’s Day party, and I got a key fob for my school.  If you remember, my WIN group is over author’s perspective, and it is one of my favorite things to teach.  The issue I have been having though, is that my students liked being in my class so much, they weren’t trying very hard to leave it and go to the next level.  After some persuasion with offerings of candy, they finally gave it their all and passed some of our testing!  I had 5 kids move out of my group and it is such a great feeling to know I helped them reach their next level of success.

The Valentine’s Day party was very exciting.  It was my first classroom party and I got to witness the insanity that comes from 25 overly excited fifth graders.  All day long I was sucked into the drama of 5th grade love triangles.  Betty likes Bobby, who likes Beth, who is best friends with Betty….you get the idea.  It was exhausting and entertaining at the same time.  Following their lunch time, we got the party started and I got a ton of candy from my students.  They all suggested I should make a Valentine’s bag next time, since I had just as much candy as they did.  The photo for today are a few of the bags they created.  We had our party today, because it is actual Hell to try and have a party in the middle of the week and then have your class pay attention the following days.  On Friday, we get to send the sugar hyped kids home to their parents for the whole weekend. 😉

The last exciting thing was getting my key fob for the school.  Although this sounds like an insignificant event, I no longer have to wait outside for someone to come by and open the door for me, and that little fob really makes me feel like I am becoming part of the school.  It also gives me some access to printing, which is very exciting for a teacher.  We print things like crazy.

Next week is my last week before I begin full time teaching, so I will be very busy with planning and prepping.  I was dreading it, but now I am SO excited.  To think that I will be graduating, getting my teaching license, and hopefully accepting a job all in the next few months is such an amazing thing.  I am so blessed to be where I am in life right now!



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