Week Four- Part One

This has been my best week so far!  As I posted last week, my teacher had a conference this week, so I was on my own (there was a sub in the room for legal reasons but you get the point).  Although I love my mentoring teacher, it was awesome to feel like it was my classroom and to run everything the way I wanted to.  My confidence in teaching skyrocketed over the last two days and it is an awesome feeling, especially since I had a rough beginning to student teaching.

This week there are no huge changes in what I have been teaching.  I am still leading writing and WIN groups.  My WIN group is becoming my favorite thing to teach.  It is a small group, so I am able to get to know all the students, and since the time is somewhat unstructured we can kinda have more fun with our lessons.

I am getting mixed reviews from my students as they start to get more comfortable with being sassy to me and with the teacher gone this week, testing me to see their limits.  I apparently have a few boys who think I am the “worst person ever.”  One boy has even decided that he will be “quitting school until April 29” (I’m done on the 28th).  The overall response though is that I rock, so that’s good.  After my first day without my mentoring teacher, one boy came up to me after school and said, “Miss Hill, you did a great job on your first day of being a real teacher.”  It is moments like that that make this worth while and give me confidence about this career path.

I had made a goal last week to work on confidence in disciple and I have made some progress.  Without my mentor there to take over it for me, I had to toughen up.  I had to make some of my students ‘pull sticks’, which is their form of punishment, and I even stayed strong when one boy cried to try and make me change my mind (I know that sounds harsh, but he only started to cry after he knew I was serious about doing it).

Overall, this first half of the week has been very exciting and has made me way more pumped for the rest of this semester.  Even though it was great to have a few days on my own, I am looking forward to the return of my mentor tomorrow.  I might have had a great few days, but I am not quite ready for the full time. 🙂


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