Week Three- Part Two

What a long week!  I think everybody is feeling this way.  Good news though, it is the last full week of January so we are one month closer to summer.  All the teachers are counting down the days until break.

This week has been pretty uneventful.  I am starting to lead WIN groups on my own, and it is going decent so far.  The first day, they had a lot of questions for me such as “Are you a real teacher?,  Do we have to listen to you?  What happens if we don’t listen to you?”  Obviously I told them they have to listen to me, but I also asked why that would even be a question.  I was like, “Are you guys just trying to schedule in when you’ll misbehave?”  Overall, it is a pretty good group of kids.  It is all boys, except for one girl, so they do get a little rowdy here and there.  There is one boy in the group who has decided he hates me because he got in trouble for messing around.  It is hard for me to feel disliked, but I know that I can’t be loved by every student I meet.

This week I was also able to sit in on another professional development meeting.  We talked a lot about what we need to value when we look at reading development and reading test scores.  Our students just completed the FAST, which is an annual reading assessment, and we had to think deeply as we looked at their scores.  One of the main focuses was if schools should value speed or comprehension, or if we can find a way to make them both equal.  Tests such as the FAST mainly assess speed, but this is not always an accurate representation of a student’s true reading ability.  It is very interesting to see the way these meetings are conducted, and reassuring to know that teachers put a lot of time into making adjustments to best fit their students’ needs.  Another meeting I was in was about the way we assess students in other areas of school.  The focus of the meeting was on how important it is to give assessments that you are going to use to change your teaching, versus homework just to kill time.

Next week is when my mentoring teacher is gone for a few days.  I am nervous, but also excited to be put in a position where I won’t rely on her to fix a mistake for me.  Even though it is only two days, it will be a great opportunity for personal growth.   With each day I am here, I am becoming more and more excited to be heading into the field of education.  I am gaining confidence in the classroom, and definitely learning ways to be the best teacher I can be!


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