Week Two- Part Two

This has been such a short week; with no school Monday, late start on Tuesday, and an early out on Wednesday, but I am so exhausted.  This week I did three more whole group lessons, and I have now officially taken over leading writing time.  I am beginning to understand what being a teacher is really like, there are always 10 kids needing you to pay attention to them and needing something done.  Its tiring, but also kind of nice to feel so needed.

My first two whole group lessons went great, like probably the best lessons I have done.  The students were engaged and I had fun teaching because I felt confident on the topic.  All of my students understood the topic, and were able to complete their individual assignments, which means that my lesson went as good as it felt.  My last lesson of the week was not as great, I butchered it.  Since it was just some runoff from my lesson the previous day, I didn’t make a separate lesson plan and it showed.  My instructions for our game were not very clear, and it led to confused students and inaccurate work.  Although it is a sucky feeling, it is a learning opportunity that I am glad I experienced sooner rather than later.  The good part is that the principal had stopped in during this lesson, and at the point he was there it was still going smoothly, so that’s a relief.

Some exciting moments this week were that my students got to ring the goal bell and that they got to do some excellent MLK Day assignments.  The goal bell is a bell in the middle of the school that you get to ring if you meet a goal you have set.  Everyone claps and cheers for you, even the principal comes.  My students set goals for FAST testing, and almost all of them were able to ring the bell.  Their joy from this activity is evident and it makes me happy to see it.  The cover photo for today’s post are some of my student’s MLK Day work.  They are so passionate, and even at 5th grade are ready to change the world.

Some thoughts I have had this week are about what YOU can do for your children’s teachers.  I know it is annoying to buy school supplies and stuff, but anything you don’t get comes from the teacher’s pocket.  Even in student teaching for 2 weeks I have had to buy a bunch of supplies for lessons.  Even with this added pressure, teachers come every day with a smile on their face and more than happy to do whatever needs done for their students to succeed.  Did you know that the amount of money a school gets is based on property taxes?  This is why schools who struggle with financial issues rarely quit struggling.  Instead of thinking about how many students are at each school or the certain things a different school needs, it is all determined by the value of the location around it. Do what you can for your teachers and school, I promise it is the most appreciated act of kindness they get.

Please be thinking of me 2 weeks from now.  My mentoring teacher is going to be gone for a few days, and although she will have a substitute, she is planning on me doing most of the work.  I am very excited, but also very nervous because this will be my first big bite of what the real job feels like!





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