Week Two- Part One

Praise the Lord for snow days!  After my first week, it was nice to have a day off (especially a Monday) to recuperate a little.  It was awesome to get the text at 6:30am that I could go back to bed.  Since Simpson had a snow day as well, I was able to spend some much needed time with my roommates binging on movies and eating too many snacks.

This week at school, I taught my first whole group lesson.  This was a lesson over creating follow ups to facts.  My students are working on research papers and although they seem to have a good grasp on the fact finding, they struggle with putting it into their own words and adding on to the one sentence.  I was very nervous, but it must not have shown because my mentoring teacher complimented me on how confident I looked.  I did feel confident after I was done grading, and was able to see that almost all my students understood the concept and were able to do it on their own.  One of the facts they needed to work with was, “Earmuffs were invented by a 15 year old kid.”  One of the follow ups I received was, “This is probably because he was tired of hearing his parents talk all the time.”  These 5th graders sure have a sense of humor. 🙂

Following my first whole group lesson, some things I know I need to work on for the remainder of the semester are slowing down when I am talking (I am a nervous rambler), and allowing more time for students to come up with their own ideas instead of always resorting to the examples I have pre-made.  It is a lot easier to fill the quiet with my voice and ideas, but I know that is not what will help them truly learn.

After my lesson, I gave the students a chance to ask me some questions about myself since they hadn’t really had an opportunity to do so.  Most of the questions I got were about what grade I wanted to teach, why I wanted to be a teacher, what my favorite subject was, etc.; but then I got one about what division school Simpson is.  I have no clue, and was quickly judged by the basketball players in the class for my lack of knowledge on our athletic status.

Overall, the first half of the week has flown by and I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of my lessons this week turn out.  My college supervisor is coming to observe, which adds a little nervousness, but I know I will over it.  The students enjoy learning from me and are always on their best behavior since I am new, so it will be interesting to see how their attitudes shift once they are more comfortable with me!


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