Week One- Part Two

It’s finally Friday!  Welcome to the weekend, everyone.  This has been an exhausting, but still exciting week.  In the five days that I have been in the classroom, I feel as though I have been here a month.  It’s weird because I know the 15 weeks will go quickly, but will feel like forever at the same time.

Some things I have figured out this week are that everything is awkward for the first few minutes.  Talking to a student, disciplining a student, leading a lesson, etc.  It all feels uncomfortable and then something clicks and you know you can do it.  I know some things I need to work on are having confidence (the kids are like dogs, they can smell it if you’re nervous), and simplifying things.  It is harder than it sounds to go back to 5th grade.  They are learning hard stuff!  I would like to see how many of you still remember how to draw an area model of a fraction.  I know how to do things, but it is hard to go back into the mindset of someone who is learning it for the first time.  This is an area I would like to improve on as I continue to teach more.

Some things I have been doing well on are leading small groups and getting to know my students.  I have led a small group for math, and a couple of small groups for fluency.  It seems like a nice way to start out, and it’s helping me get to know the students quicker than only whole group leading.  I had a goal to know all of my students names by the end of my first week, and I have reached it!  Each child has a little quirk about them that I have been able to remember them by.

It is interesting to see how the attitudes in children start coming out around this age.  It is easy to tell who wants to be the teacher’s pet, who wants nothing to do with the teacher, who is into sports, who is into dating, etc.  One funny thing I heard this week was, “Well, my half birthday is closer than yours so I should go first.”  What? Half Birthday?  Is this really a way we are gaining rank now?

Overall, I am happy to see a big change in my attitude from day one to now.  I was not excited at first, because my fear was overwhelming me.  Now though, I am using that fear to motivate me as I plan and lead.  I am excited for the day I can walk in and lead a lesson with full confidence (even though I know it might be a while).  Anyways….enjoy your weekend!


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