Week One- Part One

My first week has been a whirlwind.  I have felt extremely overwhelmed, and in the first few days I have been here I have asked myself more than once if I can make it through this.  Although I keep asking it, I know the answer is yes.  I have made it through the rest of the program, so student teaching is the next step on the path towards becoming an educator.

So far this week, I have been mainly observing and helping out in some small groups.  On Friday, I will do my first lesson, but it is only a re-teaching lesson to about 4 students.  I am slowly going to work my way up each week.  It is crazy how different it feels to do a practicum experience versus student teaching.  I was never really nervous during my practicums, but student teaching feels so much more real and impactful.

Some things I have noticed about my teacher/school are how friendly everyone is, and how much they care about student success.  My mentoring teacher does an excellent job of keeping students engaged and trying to get them up and moving throughout the day.  I hope to continue this as I head into full time teaching.  I also like that my teacher takes time each day to work on fluency, and that many of her lessons are filled with real world connections.

My favorite part in these first few days was this morning during my first meeting with my teaching team.  It was reassuring to see that all the teacher just want to help each other, and that everyone is still growing.  During the meeting, even people who had been teaching for 20 years were asking questions.  It made me feel better about not knowing everything.

Overall, these first few days have been nice.  I wont say great, because I am still stressed and feeling flustered a lot of the time, but with each day I am gaining confidence and relaxing a little bit more.  I am looking forward to seeing how I grow during these next few weeks.  Although it feels far away, I know that graduation will be here before I know it!


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